Other Maintenance Services

Maintenance of common area lighting including & landscape lighting.

  • xxxxx will be responsible for sufficient /required illumination of the common areas and all faulty bulbs will be replaced as and when required immediately.
  • xxxxx will also ensure partial illumination at times of lesser movement thus ensuring power saving in consultation with Building Association.

Maintenance of common pathways, driveways around the Blocks.

  • The pathways and drive ways will be cleaned daily and will be maintained dry.
  • Any water logging in any of these areas will be rectified between 9am and 5pm.

Providing & Maintenance of fire fighting equipments viz., portable fire extinguishers, water and sand buckets etc.

  • Each floor will be provided with a portable fire extinguisher kept near the Lift.
  • Sand and Water buckets will be strategically placed for emergency usage.
  • Regular refill and maintenance of the fire extinguishers will be done and get it verified by Building Association.
  • All people engaged by xxxxx will be trained in fire fighting
  • Periodical mock drill will be conducted in the presence of owners with advanced notice

Maintenance of drainage system, down take pipes, storm water drains, gutters etc.

  • Periodical maintenance and system of cleaning log will be with xxxxx and verified by Building Association as per the schedule.
  • All replacements of defective parts are to xxxxx account

Supervision of above activities by the Facilities Manager and maintenance team.

  • All the activities mentioned above are to be carried out with due care and the Asst. Facilities Manager engaged by xxxxx is answerable, on behalf of his staff / workmen.
  • None of xxxxx staff / workmen will cause any nuisance or disturbance to any of the residents and vice versa.
  • The Asst. Facility Manager is answerable for any activity 24 X 7 and his availability will be ensured by xxxxx at site as per the duty hours with one day weekly off.
  • Providing all assistance to technicians, called by the owners for their own equipment’s, like AC.
  • All assistance will be provided by the technicians called by the individual owners for servicing their own equipments, subject to availability of man power, (Only amount will be charged for the spares replaced)
  • All technicians shall be equipped with necessary safety tools by xxxxx.

The swimming pools are to be maintained

  • The swimming pools, inside the complex will be maintained by xxxxx and will be monitored by Building Association as per the schedule.
  • The pool usage guidance and timing, circulated to all the owners/residents are to be followed diligently by all the users.
  • Residents may change the usage timings at any point of time through Building Association
  • There will be no LIFE GUARD to assist and hence residents are requested to exercise extreme caution while allowing their children to use the pool.

Supervising, any capital expenditure, carried out by Association.

  • xxxxx will assist residents on any activity carried out, in the common structures, like painting of exteriors, arranging any developmental activities.

DTH / Broadband / Phone

  • Guiding the service providers and making sure that no wires / gadgets, spoil the aesthetics of the building / township. Any hanging DTH/Cable TV wires will be snapped
  • xxxxx shall instruct the service provider to route all the wires through the conduit provided by the Developer.

Drive ways / Walkways

  • Make sure that no vehicle is parked in the walkway / driveway.
  • xxxxx will maintain the speed breakers installed and replace at the appropriate time.
  • Over speeding is to be avoided and will be monitored and controlled by the xxxxx securities at all times.
  • Speed limit inside the complex to be displayed by XXXX and securities to monitor

Additional Structures / Modifications

  • Any additional structures or modification to existing structures, pipe lines, water ways, drainage etc., does not fall under xxxxx Scope.