Maintenance of Water Sources

Maintenance of Water Sources.

  • All the water sources will be protected / maintained properly.
  • Any shortage of water due to low yield, drought and poor monsoon will be informed to owners/residents and tanker water will be procured at the cost of the Owners and will be shared with Building Association and get their approval before procuring.

RO Water Plant

  • Qualified technicians will be engaged.
  • Bore water will be treated by RO plant and the treated water will be pumped to an overhead tank and effectively utilized for drinking/cooking.
  • RO plant shall be periodically maintained and tested on regular basis. Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) value shall be as per acceptable norms.
  • The water samples will be tested in the presence of Building Association weekly once (on Sundays) and get verified
  • TDS, pH and other required values to be as per IS 105200

Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Qualified technicians will be engaged.
  • The collected waste water will be treated and aerated and the resultant treated water will be pumped to a tank and effectively utilized for flushing purpose in toilets of the apartments and for watering the plants in garden area.
    STP will be maintained 24 x 7 and operated subject to minimum load being available to run the same.-to be removed
  • Sewage treated water will be in good condition (color & odorless water) and the same will be verified and approved by Building Association
  • Periodical maintenance and cleaning activity will be the responsibility of xxxxx.
  • In case of maintenance / break down time/ poor STP water quality etc., bore water shall be pumped to a tank for flushing purpose if available in plenty in consultation with Building Association.

Maintenance and Cleaning of underground and overhead water tanks.

  • Cleaning of all underground sumps and overhead tanks will be carried out at a regular intervals and prior intimation will be given to the occupants.
  • All consumables will be borne by xxxxx.
  • All the documents will be verified by Building Association as scheduled.