Maintenance of Electrical panel

Maintenance of Electrical panel / Meter rooms.

  • All maintenance activities pertaining to the Electrical / Meter rooms will be carried out by xxxxx periodically.
  • The area will be kept clean and free of oil, water and any other debris.
  • One fire extinguisher will be placed outside every EB panel.

Payment of Common Electricity Charges

  • The power charges incurred towards all the common area equipment’s, lights etc., and any other related charges are to xxxxx account.

Payment of EB Bills

  • xxxxx recommends that all residents pay their EB bills online.
  • In case any resident requires assistance from xxxxx to pay EB bills, xxxxx will do so by charging Rs.50/ per apartment per bill.
  • xxxxx will coordinate with EB officials while taking the reading and will resolve any payment issues reciprocating with the individual owners.