Maintenance & cleaning of common areas

Daily cleaning of common areas (exteriors, interiors, lobbies, terrace etc)

  • All the ground level common areas will be cleaned and kept dry. Any water logging in any of these areas will be attended between to 9am and 5pm.
  • All the consumables for cleaning are to the scope of xxxxx.
  • Maintenance of landscaped areas within the complex.
  • All common areas will be treated against the menace of Pests.
  • All the elevators will be cleaned.
  • The schedule of maintenance activities showing the periodicity and area of cleaning will be available at the Maintenance Office and the same shall be verified by Building Association.

Collection & Disposal of garbage

  • Garbage will be collected once a day at the predefined time. Garbage not kept outside the apartment within the specified time will not be cleared until the next day and any complaints from other residents of the floor/block will be routed to that particular resident.
  • Elevators will be used for collection of garbage by housekeeping staff, but disinfectant will be sprayed immediately thereafter.
  • Disposal of garbage will be done by using a private operator.
  • The plastic bags required to dispose of garbage needs to be purchased by the residents.
  • The above activity will be scheduled and regularly monitored and verified by Building Association up to their justifiable satisfaction.

Maintenance of common area lighting including & landscape lighting.

  • xxxxx will be responsible for sufficient /required illumination of the common areas and all faulty bulbs will be replaced as and when required immediately.
  • xxxxx will also ensure partial illumination at times of lesser movement thus ensuring power saving in consultation with Building Association.

Maintenance of toilets in common areas and car parking.

  • The toilets / bath in the common area will be cleaned and maintained on a daily basis.
  • Lighting arrangements, inside these facilities, are xxxxx’s scope.