BMS Services

Operation & Maintenance of BMS

  • Ensuring efficient working of the BMS will be the responsibility of xxxxx.
  • The duty officers on shifts will man the BMS and residents can request for any CCTV footage recorded over the previous 30 days.
  • Back up of BMS recordings will be available for a maximum of 30 days and in case of any untoward incident, the same will be shared with the law enforcement agency.
  • The CCTV footage will not be shared with any of the owners.
  • The CCTV footage will be shared with the Building Association if required for verification.


  • All the complaints, defects attended, activities carried out, deviations observed etc., will be logged properly and residents/owners can review the same periodically.
  • BMS logs are also to be maintained, along with a daily activity register by xxxxx and will be verified by Building Association every fortnight.


  • Guests, visiting the owners / tenants will be intimated to xxxxx and Guest Passes will be issued, by xxxxx, to the Guests.


  • PENALTY CLAUSE both to xxxxx & residents will be as per the clauses in the agreement.
  • Any untoward happening / incident observed by xxxxx will be reported to the local law enforcement agency for necessary remedial action.
  • Uniforms will be worn by the xxxxx workforce, with ID cards, clearly visible.
  • For common activities / festivities inside the complex, xxxxx will provide all assistance other than monetary support.
  • Advertising material / representatives will be allowed inside the complex only with the permission of xxxxx who in turn would inform the residents.
  • xxxxx shall handover all the common properties with related documents and approvals by concerned authorities in good condition at the end of contract to Building Association /Owners.
  • All AMC execution in presence of Building Association
  • Building Association should monitor all the expenses and guide