Power Quality

Electrical power is an important raw material for all commercial operations and like any other raw material, the quality of supply is very important. SK ENGINEERS is very much concerned about the Quality of power. S.K. Engineers has the capability to provide Power Quality survey, measurement, analysis and recommendation to mitigate Power quality related problems. …

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Testing, Maintenance & Engineering Services

Resistance of closing & tripping coil. Testing of HT & LT Switchgear panels, transformer, Motors, Busducts, Cables, etc. Testing &maintenance of switchyard equipment’s like Power transformers, CT, PT, LA, Circuit breakers, isolators, etc. Testing & maintenance of indoor equipment’s like CT, PT, Relay control panels, PCC, MCC,PMCC, etc. Complete health checkup and maintenance of indoor …

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Protective Relay Testing

Testing, Servicing & Calibration of protective relays. We are specialized in testing of protective relays of various make i.e. ABB, Siemens, Areva, Schneider, Easun-Reyrolle, ALSTOM, GEC ALSTHOM,SEGC, etc. The type of testing required for each specific relay need to be designed with the goal of accomplishing the objective. The objective depends of on the specific …

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Transformer Testing

Testing& commissioning of Power & Distribution transformers. Turns ratio measurement. Winding resistance measurement. Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA). Insulation resistance measurement. Polarization index. Magnetic balance test. Vectorgroup test. Short Circuit Test and Open Circuit Test Leakage Current Measurement. Tan Delta & Capacitance Test.